Ollie Ma’ is a British photographer, currently studying Photography at Nottingham Trent University. His photographic practice deals with feelings of dislocation and disconnection and has been informed by the theatrical conventions of epic theatre, as well as the form of story-telling pioneered by John Wyndham called logical fantasy. 



London, The Old Truman Brewery - XXI, Free Range [30th May-10th June 2017]


Nottingham, Hung Up - XXI, The Collective [30th May-10th June 2017]
Copenhagen, Warehouse9 - Wanderlost [18th-21st May 2017]
Kristianstad, Kanalgatan 22 - Wanderlost [21st-29th April 2017]
Miami, Superfine! - Airplane Mode: 01 [1st-4th December 2016]
Coventry, City Arcadia Gallery - Artists Compute [9th-11th September 2016]
London, Tate Modern - Future Late [17th-19th June 2016]
Nottingham, P. Spowage Gallery - No System / No Method [13th-19th February 2016]
London, The Old Baths - Vision [9th-10th May 2015]
London, The Old Baths - Aesthetic [18th-25th October 2014]

Selected Press

FotoRoom - Everything Was Forever [May 2017]
The Creators Project - Open World [June 2016]
Kill Screen - Open World [June 2016]
Trip Magazine - Home [February 2016]